Saturday, September 19, 2015

What apparently passes for 'leadership' in the current Army...

Maj. Gen. Kenneth Dahl said he interviewed Bowe for a day and a half and “did not find any evidence to corroborate the reporting that Bergdahl was … sympathetic to the Taliban.”

Instead, Dahl said, Bergdahl wanted to call attention to what he considered poor leadership of his unit. Bergdal believed that by leaving his observation post and running 23 kilometers (about 14 miles) to a nearby base he could cause a stir and gain access to a high-ranking officer to complain, Dahl said. . . .

Dahl testified that he thought Bergdahl was “very bright and well-read.”
When asked what in Bergdahl’s background might have caused his behavior in the military, Dahl said that the combination of growing up in rural Idaho on the “edge of the grid … being home-schooled” and the fact that he “internalized a lot of what he read” resulted in him having “idealistic and unrealistic expectations of people.”
So, we have a couple of possibilities:
Maj. Gen. Dahl is a fucking idiot.
Maj. Gen. Dahl got-or is expecting to get- his price.  "I'm guaranteed that next star, and all I've got to do is sell out and crap on the lives of the troops who died looking for this guy?  Sign me up!"

Wonder what this is going to do to morale in the Army?

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