Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Earplugs, custom, tryout Pics added

Anymore, wanting to keep what hearing I've got, I'm even more picky about ear protection.  Which means at the indoor range, if there's anything bigger than .22 being used, plugs and muffs.  For that matter, at outdoor ranges, with rifles I often use both.  Also wear plugs when on the bike on the highway; wind noise can be nasty.  The problem is the plugs.

Either I've got something weird about my ear canals(left especially), or this may be more common than I thought, but the damn things will not stay in place; they slowly- sometimes suddenly- back out.  Which means finding a quieter place to reseat them, which is a pain.  Especially on the bike.  And yes, I've tried foam plugs, Surefires, and other types; they all do it, some worse than others.

All this brings me to what someone recommended on Book of Face, these Radians do-it-yourself custom plugs*.  Figuring it's worth a try, ordered a set.

Comes as two containers, each holding a different compound, one with the hardener, a carry bag for when they're done, and instructions.  Short version:
Divide each compound to two equal pieces, and keep them separate.
Take one piece of each, work together until no streaks, just solid color.
Push into ear, work it to fit.
Don't talk or drink for at least ten minutes while they cure.
I gave them fifteen minutes, just for cushion, and they set up fine.

Left plug on the left
Turned.  The part that goes into the ear canal is pointing up on the left, down on the right

Kind of odd putting them in the first time, have to lift the top of the ear, then push and rotate slightly for them to slide into place.

I've now tried them at the range, and on a couple of short highway hops on the bike.  They're at least as sound-blocking as the good earplugs I've used, and- this is a big thing- they stayed in place.  Quite comfortable, and especially under the helmet or muffs a LOT more comfortable than some plugs I've used.

Two things come to mind:
One is that if you like your plugs on cord, I'd guess you could either insert the cord in each one right after you finish molding it into your ear, or after it's hardened drill a hole and glue the cord in.

The other is, some earbuds have a, call it a wand, that fits into the cushioned earpiece(these do), and I'm wondering if you could drill an appropriate hole in these to fit the wand?

*The ones I got are blue, and the price has shifted.


Anonymous said...

So did they turn out a funky shape?

Luckily I can slide plugs all the way in pretty easily even when well used and they stay put. Which is nice since muffs press my glasses into the sides of my head and start to ache if I wear them for too long - like hours doing yardwork.

I always use plugs + electronics muffs for shooting now. Over the years I've been so stupid with my hearing that letting the toilet seat slap down will make my ears ring. Hell I even use plugs when pulling bullets with an inertial puller.

Firehand said...

Yeah, they're odd-looking. I'll add a picture tomorrow

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