Sunday, September 13, 2015

Well, lady, this is exactly what you trained him to be;

so why are you bitching?  WE'RE the ones you've sent him off to inflict himself upon.

I guess you're just fine with him screwing with other peoples' lives in the name of 'environmentalism', but you don't want him troubling you anymore.

Ah, but Hungary is one of the places not falling into line with the Preferred Actions™, so you ARE evil.  At least to idiot leftists like Fisk.

Apparently the possible pedophile* congressman, Jared Polis(Felix Dzerzhinsky wannabe-CO) is getting some blowback.  I doubt he'll care, and it doesn't involve a jet engine as it should, but it's a start.

*Some congressmen have been caught molesting interns and such, and Polis is a congressman, so there's at least a chance it's true.


Anonymous said...

That article about the little enviro-nazi is such a delicious bit of schadenfreude it has to be fattening!

0007 said...

Considering the number of democraps there it's probably way past a possible and approaching the probable. (not sayin' repukes don't do same; just that democraps are more likely...