Saturday, September 19, 2015

Another civil rights victory

over DC.  Not a complete victory; that'll be the next step.

Well, of COURSE nobody's been fired.  In Gunwalker ATF
violated an international border,
helped run thousands of guns to the cartels,
got we'll-never-know-how-many people killed,
lied under oath,
submitted false documents,
and nobody was fired; you actually think EPA is going to fire someone for this?
Running a federal agency means never having to say "You're fired."

I can't help thinking the proper initial response would've been to tell the kid "Do a poster of someone with an Occupy button and note that they're often seen at Democrat Party meetings."  And see what happens.

You may or may not have heard all the yelling about the evidence that a lube called Fireclean is actually Crisco.  In response to all this, and as a response to 'What's the best gun oil?', I have an answer:

This sounds good.  The problem is you don't know if he actually believes this(at least for now), or figures it'll get the most votes.


AM said...

Sperm Whale Oil is probably better than vegetable oil. Which is why we used so many sperm whale oil lubricants in military firearms through WWII and beyond.

About as good as jojoba oil actually.

If you need an oil, pick up some ATF. If you need a grease, pick up some while you are at it. I like Mobil 1 synthetic grease. Only the carrier oil in Mobile 1 grease is synthetic, but that's not a bad thing.

Pawpaw said...

After years of playing with guns, and experimenting with various oils, greases, and lubricants, I am convinced that there are no "gun oils". They are simply re-packaged industrial lubricants. The niche market of gun oil is simply too small to devote much energy to.

All you'll find on my bench now are common lubricants. ATF, Mobil 1, White Lithium grease. My daughter-in-law chemist recently did some study and recommended common Charcoal Lighter fluid as a solvent. It's a volatile hydrocarbon with a low flash point, and it dissolves carbon quickly and effectively. It's also available at any Dollar Store.

Gun owners are always on the search for a magical lubricant. Marketers love us. They can buy a 55 gallon drum of industrial lubricant, repackage it in 4 oz bottles, and make a killing on our search for the holy grail.

Firehand said...

Lighter fluid... that's one I hadn't thought of. I'll have to try that(outside).

I tried making a half-batch of PDBs' Tier One lube to try; mostly because when cleaning I like being able to use a lot of the cleaner, and so much of the stuff is damned expensive. Seems to work pretty well. But for seriously crapped-up stuff, I'll have to try the lighter fluid

Pawpaw said...

Or, you could make up a batch of Ed's Red. It works as good as anything, and better than most stuff. Personally, I've gone to my own mixture of ATF/Acetone. About 50/50. Works great too, for about $5.00 a gallon.

Firearms Safety Training Classes said...

It is hard to find such gun oils these days as many companies are opened and selling high quality of lubricants for firearms of all sorts.