Saturday, August 01, 2015

Well, it's confirmed: the Navy is run by politicians in uniform

who don't give a rats ass about the lives of their personnel.  Terrorists are all bad an' everything, but BREAKING A RULE FOR ANY REASON CANNOT BE TOLERATED.

You might remember Rep. Gutierrez(Oathbreaking Asshat-IL), who, in true Yassir Arafat fashion, says one thing in English and another in Spanish, told Telemundo “Every time a little thing like this happens, [Republicans] use the most extreme example to say it must be eliminated.”
Said 'little thing' being another murder of an American citizen by an illegal alien, 'it' being sanctuary cities and letting illegal aliens run around without hindrance.

I figured at some point this idiot statement was going to be brought up and he'd get pissed; I was right.  And he followed the usual standard for politician caught on his own words: attack whoever brought it up.

A shooting drill I've never tried at that distance.  Going to have to give it a shot.


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skidmark said...

Sorry, but I don't think a text message asking if Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White can "reach out" verifies anything.

While I have speculated ever since the news broke that he and the Marine were going to face disciplinary charges, it will take more than knowing some guy that knows a guy that says some guy sent a text message about phoning the guy to confirm that the Navy is in fact keelhauling either of those two.

stay safe.