Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I have used superglue on cuts and such before,

and I wish I'd had this information for some of it.

Also, several links for actual medical-grade superglue and other information on cuts.

Judge, I'd suggest you start throwing DoJ lawyers in cells.  And send the Marshalls for Koskinen.  THEN they'll start believing you mean it.

Yes, THIS is the argument:
American gun owners are beginning to respond with a fresh, powerful argument when facing anti-gun liberals. Here it is, in its entirety. Ready?

“Screw you.” That’s it. Except the first word isn’t “Screw.”

It’s not exactly a traditional argument, but it’s certainly appropriate here. The fact is that there is no point in arguing with liberal gun-control advocates because their argument is never in good faith. They slander gun owners as murderers. They lie about their ultimate aim, which is to ban and confiscate all privately owned weapons. And they adopt a pose of reasonability, yet their position is not susceptible to change because of evidence, facts or law. None of those matter – they already have their conclusion. This has to do with power – their power.


KM said...

Re: Super Glue.
I would also recommend that if you work in an unsanitary environment or an industrial park to simply pack the wound with vaseline or other soaked dressing and go to a medical facility to get it professionally cleaned

Umm... Don't. Do. This.
(vaseline soaked dressings are for sucking chest wounds - that's it)
If you shove something into a wound, it will HAVE to come out of the wound. Putting grease into a wound that will not flush out and will have to be scraped and scrubbed out is idiocy. It's as dumb as putting butter on a burn.
Just use a clean, dry dressing. Or a not so clean, dry dressing if that's all you have.

KM said...

Forgot to add to the above comment:
I use superglue all the time on cuts. Clean the cut as best you can before you seal it. If it's on a 'flexy' part, you can add steri-strips *after* the glue has dried to give it more resistance to being torn open.
If you are going to seek medical treatment, don't screw with it and just go to the ED.

Firehand said...

that bothered me; I've NEVER heard of putting vaseline or something in a wound