Monday, July 27, 2015

"But the Right People are trying it this time!"

Food riots, time to: MAYBE till next harvest.
What began as rumors of state meddling in the food-distribution market in Venezuela were finally confirmed on Monday. The Nicol├ís Maduro government is compelling the country’s food producers to send up to 100 percent of their output to state-owned distribution centers and stores, in an attempt to solve the nation’s shortage problems.

This according to Pablo Baraybar, president of the Venezuelan Food Industry Chamber (CAVIDEA), who explained that the National Agro-Food Superintendency — a governmental entity in charge of managing food distribution in the country — has ordered affiliated firms to send the majority of their products to PDVAL, MERCAL, Bicentenario supermarkets, and other establishments of the state-run network. In Venezuela, the national government manages the distribution of food. It’s the executive, through the ministries, who decides which stores in what part of the country will get the products.

From the linked Forbes article:
It simply is not going to work. My predicted outcome from this is that Venezuela is now one harvest away from serious starvation.
Sooner if the government decides to play "Don't give us your undying and eternal support and you don't eat."

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So what's spanish for "Hoarders and Wreckers"?