Monday, July 27, 2015

"Members should abuse the 911 network and try to get gun owners killed.

Because we care!"  Or something.
That willingness to use government force against lawful gun owners was on full display yesterday as CSGV used their Facebook page to encourage a practice called”SWATting, which has led to numerous injuries and deaths.

You’ll note that CSGV does say to call the police on people brandishing firearms, or armed people exhibiting signs of aggression. The are not asking their followers to call 911 over armed people behaving erratically. The are instead asking their followers to call 911 and demand that they send police to interdict and harass gun owners who are not suspected of breaking the law.

Further, you’ll note that when one of their followers carried out their suggestion, and the police don’t treat a lawful gun owner as a threat, CSGV encourages their followers to continue abusing the 911 system.
Some of them also assume all cops are racists.
Besides if you call the cops unless you say they are black the cops will just laugh at you.

I actually have a gun-grabber and leftist-moron trifecta here: the above is followed by more on Luke O’Neil, a writer for Slate, Mediaite, and The Boston GlobeWho hates gun owners and wants them all dead.  And has this weird thing about firearms and genitals.

And like many of his kind, when called on it, runs and hides.

And last, we have Bernie Sanders, who wants to run the country:
...Sanders told moderator Chuck Todd that “guns used to kill people exclusively, not for hunting, should not be sold in the United States of America.”
Tells us a couple of things:
Sanders doesn't know squat about firearms.
He wants the 2nd Amendment to go away.
And he's willing to use force against anyone who won't go along with his view. 
And belongs nowhere near the Oval Office.

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