Wednesday, June 11, 2014

This piece is supposed to be a defense of the "RAPE CULTURE!!

WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!!" crap running 'round on campuses.  Let me boil this crap down for you:
"We don't want to be bothered with that 'beyond reasonable doubt' and 'the accused has rights' crap; we want to be able to declare the man guilty because a woman says so, and throw him out!  If you don't like it, you hate women!"

Just how effing screwed this is:
While there was no watershed case establishing sexual assault as a form of gender discrimination, a federal court ruled on student-on-student sexual assault in a case involving Yale University in 2003. "There is no question that a rape," the ruling held, "constitutes severe and objectively offensive sexual harassment."
No, it's not, you farging moron in a black robe, it's a bloody CRIME.  For which the accused is supposed to get a TRIAL, and if convicted go to PRISON.  But this garbage is being used to justify "You can't have a lawyer, you can't cross-examine, you sit there and be found guilty, or else we'll double-plus expel you!"

Which is why you now have male students suing colleges for playing "The Party says you're guilty, who needs a trial?" games.  Hope the get both ears and the tail.

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