Thursday, June 12, 2014

There is an idiot: Missouri State Rep. Stacey Newman,

who likes to say stupid things to get her name around.  Her next 'War on Women!' move will probably be telling the university to get rid of the song entirely.  Followed, no doubt, by demands for it to prostrate itself before her in abject surrender.

More of the wonders of government-controlled health care:
A Department of Veterans Affairs memo that prohibits top administrators from answering questions from members of Congress, the media or veterans' groups is being called a “gag order” meant to cover up agency wrongdoing by a Kansas congressman.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kansas, backed the charge by releasing the June 4 e-mail from Janet Murphy, acting deputy under secretary for health at VA, to dozens of top-tier officials nationwide instructing them not to talk to outsiders, including members of local congressional delegations.
On May 30, Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kansas, was told during a visit to the facility that there were no patients on unauthorized waiting lists, according to Huelskamp.

Three hours later, the facility issued a letter acknowledging nine veterans on the list. By June 4, Huelskamp heard media reports there were 385, which prompted him to drive to Wichita.

An official report from VA issued Monday acknowledged 104 patients on improper waiting lists.
And, in a massive understatement,
Also Wednesday, the Blaze reported that Rep. Martha Roby, R-Ala., says she was misled by VA hospital officials who told her on Friday that employees responsible for falsifying patient wait lists “were no longer working at the VA.”

It turned out those employees were reassigned, not fired.

“I believe I was misled,” Roby said.
No, Rep. Roby, you were LIED TO.  You might as well say it.

Thomas Jefferson's assault rifle: high-cap magazine, 22 rounds per minutes, imported military weapon. 

But the founders could NEVER have imagined large-capacity magazines or repeating firearms, no....

The Everytown liars have been faking 'school shootings' on their map; here's a list of some of the fakes.

Solar flares.  And a CME that could hit Earth tomorrow.  Science!

Speaking of, call it exposure to too many movies and books, but I really don't like recreating a virus like that.  'Second highest biosafety level' or not.

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