Monday, June 09, 2014

Why you're not seen as Officer Friendly anymore, Reason #297:

You're an oathbreaking, lawbreaking sack of shit like this:
When Heller returned to his monster truck from a hip hop concert, it was ripped to shreds.  The reason is simple: they didn’t know where to find the pot they claim emitted a strong odor.  When the cops broke in and found nothing, they just kept searching. And searching. Ripping the truck apart because it just had to be there somewhere.
To their credit, at least the police didn’t leave Heller to think that the damage was done by common thieves or vandals.

“There’s a little note left on a 2×3 piece of paper,” said Heller.
The note read “Sir, your car was checked by TPD K-9. The vehicle was searched for marijuana due to a strong odor coming from the passenger side of the vehicle.  Any questions call Cpl Fanning.”
Among the questions Cpl Fanning should be asked- under oath- is "Do you remember anything ever being mentioned in your training about the 4th Amendment?  You do?  They why did you so blatantly violate it and then claim you did nothing wrong?"

"We're not common vandals, we have badges!"  Etc. ad bullshit.

And another, Reason #298: You practice theft under color of law.
Texas law enforcement are continuing to enrich themselves using a little-known legal doctrine known as civil forfeiture, according to a new series of investigative reports. Under civil forfeiture, property can be forfeited even if its owner has never been charged with a crime. In these proceedings, accused criminals have more rights than innocent owners and the government sues the property, not its owner. These cases can be so baffling, one Texas Supreme Court Justice recently compared civil forfeiture to Alice in Wonderland and the works of Franz Kafka. But civil forfeiture isn’t just a quirky curiosity—it’s a powerful incentive for law enforcement to take millions.

Speaking of bullshit, the media and administration have been trying to tie the two lowlifes who murdered three people in Nevada to the militia movement and the Bundy case.  However,
“Just got off the phone with Jerry Delemus, the head of the outer security operation the day that these folks were turned away,” Vanderboegh reported. “These people looked to me like the couple we turned away and Jerry confirmed it. He is positive on the ID.
‘[A]lthough they ... had been interviewed by the media, the interview was done on the property (not owned by the Bundys) below the outer security area where we were a couple of days later when they ventured up to volunteer,” Vanderboegh explained. “The important thing, since the media are already tarring the Bundys with the ‘association’ is, the two of them never got on the Bundy property (not even the outer security camp was on Bundy property); to my knowledge they never met the Bundys; on my recommendation, they were turned away by both Jerry & Stewart.
UPDATE: While Obama administration Interior Secretary Sally Jewell is trying mightily to tie Miller in with the Bundys, The Washington Post reports:

The Millers went to Bundy’s ranch, about 80 miles outside of Las Vegas, in April, they said on social media sites. But the militiamen shunned the couple because Jerad Miller had prior felony convictions in Washington State.
The media and Democrats must be pulling their hair out; another couple of murderers they can't legitimately tie to the tea party and/or militia movement.
Oh, they'll try, but it won't be legitimate.

Totally different matter, but it'll take some of the bad taste out of your mouth: something to offend the perpetually offended, #yesallwomenjokes.
You'll notice that the Usual Suspect types are seriously bent out of shape about this.

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