Wednesday, December 04, 2013

It apparently surprises control-freak politicians that people A:

are willing to say 'Screw you', and B: have learned from history:
Connecticut may want to look close to home for even lower compliance figures. In New Jersey, reported The New York Times in 1991, after the legislature passed a law banning “assault weapons,” 947 people registered their rifles as sporting guns for target shooting, 888 rendered them inoperable, and four surrendered them to the police. That’s out of an estimated 100,000 to 300,000 firearms affected by the law.

Over the years, officials in New York City and California used registration records to confiscate guns, in violation of their own promises. That's a lesson that firearms owners have taken to heart in this country (and elsewhere), probably permanently dooming the enforceability of such laws.

From Thomas Sowell:
What do low-income whites in England and ghetto blacks in the United States have in common? It cannot be simply low incomes, because children from other groups in the same low-income brackets outperform whites in England and outperform blacks in America. 

What low-income whites in England and ghetto blacks in the United States have in common is a generations-long indoctrination in victimhood. The political left in both countries has, for more than half a century, maintained a steady and loud drumbeat of claims that the deck is stacked against those at the bottom. 

The American left uses race and the British left uses class, but the British left has been at it longer. In both countries, immigrants who have not been in the country as long have not been so distracted by such ideology into a blind resentment and lashing out at other people. 

In both countries, immigrants enter a supposedly closed society that refuses to let anyone rise -- and they nevertheless rise, while the native-born at the bottom remain at the bottom.

The CSGV once again shows its bigotry:
The company claimed to have spoken to one officer who had practiced on targets he had made from enlargements of photos of his own children.

Admittedly, the comparison between the Oleg Volk photo and the targets sold to "Only Ones" who fear that their humanity might interfere with them killing children, pregnant women and the elderly only goes so far. Volk's photo, after all, was not of an actual target marketed with the intention of making it easier to kill TSA officers--but that's the one that draws CSGV's ire.

And actually, that's not so surprising, either. CSGV, after all, is not really opposed to "gun violence," at least not when committed by agents of the government. What offends CSGV is "gun violence" against would-be tyrants and their enforcers. That's to be expected from a group that not only advocates a "government monopoly on violence," but wants the government to make extensive use of it, as well.

Yeah, I'd really be in a hurry to hand all my personal data over to this bunch of idiots.

But she's Hillary Clinton, so it doesn't matter; she'll get her ass kissed no matter who she screws and how.
(METAPHORICALLY, dammit; the reality would be too much to contemplate)

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