Saturday, September 21, 2013

terrible, unfortunate situation; interesting way to describe

such a monumental screwup that got someone killed, and should have gotten every moron involved fired.
The family of a man killed in a barrage of gunfire during a SWAT raid at a home southwest of Tucson has settled a lawsuit with four police agencies involved in the operation. 

The $3.4 million settlement with the family of Jose Guerena will end a two-year legal battle between his wife, Vanessa, and Pima County.
Lots of wording that boils down to "We'll NEVER admit we screwed up, we'd rather pay a lot now than have everything dragged out in public.  Especially with a jury involved."

Why isn't the media still screaming about him?  He's black and an Obama supporter and not a conservative or tea party member, why else?

Yes, I'm mostly back.

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Keith said...

The Navy yard story had completely missed me in Britain, whereas Newtown/sandyhook, Aurora and Gabby Gifford were being pontificated upon for weeks and weeks in the British lamestream.