Sunday, September 15, 2013

How many gun bigot/hoplophobe talking points can you find

in this?
I see most Coloradans support modest gun control, and gun extremists issuing threats of violence,
and modest proposals to regulate guns,
and the gun lobby(which in this case was three guys pissed at being told to shut up by said politicians),
and the gun lobby’s agenda is eliminating too many lives,
and then those politicians must argue that the gun lobby is taking away others’ freedom from guns(is that like that 'freedom from having feelings hurt' right I've heard about?)
and, in a single paragraph I'll quote entirely
In short, if the gun lobby is going to keep using demagoguery to prevent a constructive discussion, then that demagoguery must be combatted with an appeal to another way of life — one in which the gun is no longer unquestioningly worshiped as a holy talisman.
Sir, my firearms are not holy; the targets are.

Miguel has a more detailed takedown of this mess over hereThirdpower commented as well, but for some reason the comments at Salon aren't coming up, so I can't say anything on that.

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