Friday, September 27, 2013

Keith is a commenter from across the pond,

and left something in the post noting 10% of Brit court cases being "You don't have your television license!".  I'm going to borrow parts of it:
They come in a series of about 4 letters, and begin with the BS that an investigation has been started, then threatening a house search - to see if I can receive live TV broadcasts, then telling me what I can expect in court.
A house search.  In case you have a TV and no license.

No tv?  You're safe?
In Ireland, the dot guv has been trying to force everyone to buy a TV license on the basis that they might want to watch RTE (their profligate state propaganda broadcaster - just as unionized and full of job demarcations and other restrictive practices as the BBC) on a computer or a phone.
"Well, you have a phone, don't you?  A computer?  HA!  Then you might watch a program, and you must buy a license!"

And, even more scary
...and there isn't a tv to be seen, plus they have my internet records...

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