Thursday, September 26, 2013

That New York cop stealing the pro-2nd sign? Link in 3rd piece fixed

The city's claiming 'public property'. Lawyer calls bullcrap and speaks of suit.
When asked about the manner in which the officer caught on camera removed the sign, kicking it and snapping its post, Murphy was slightly evasive.
“I did ask the police chief if there was any damage to the sign and he said no,” she said, but later admitted that the “support beam” may have been slightly damaged as the officer tried to loosen it.
Uh huh.

Hell, we knew that when he screwed the Poles and Czechs on the missile-defense systems to make Putin happy.

Alice Robb is a tool; and, far as parents of boys are concerned, part of the enemy.

Speaking of the enemy, it's confirmed: the kids were on private property, NOT at the bus stop.  And the school threw them out anyway.  Everyone involved in this decision should be named in the suit.
And note this:
... The children were suspended for possession, handling and use of a firearm. On Tuesday, that offense was changed by school officials to possession, handling and use of an airsoft gun.
"We'll just change the charges around until we find something we think we can sell."
And when the HELL did it become the business of a school to charge kids for what's owned AT HOME?

Amazing what War on Drugs bastards will use as an excuse to throw privacy out the window, isn't it?


Keith said...

the alice robb link goes to the obama switching sides article

Ben C said...

The kids with the airsoft guns were shooting kids at the bus stop and on their way to the bus stop from their front yard. Expelled is a little much, but they are not the innocent angels they are being portrayed as.

Firehand said...

Dammit, I hate doing things like that; link fixed