Monday, July 01, 2013

There's only one thing I can say to this:

Screw you, you miserable little fascist bastard.
The president gave short shrift to these more traditional health concerns during his visit to the continent.  Instead, Obama implied several times that the U.S. would only encourage growth in Africa should it be grounded in “clean energy strategies” and not in “corrupting” energy economies that gave rise to unprecedented levels of health and prosperity among Western nations.
"You peasants cannot be allowed to grow out of your picturesque villages until we of superior minds decide you can do it in the right way."

I'm going to stop now; I'm about to melt my keyboard and offend some people through Language Practice.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

The reason we still have forests...coal, oil, natural gas. The reason we have successful industries...coal, oil, natural gas. We will go back to the dark ages with green energy and its lies.

Keith said...

I thought both the USSR and the USSSA had both worked to end imperialism.

Must have been in a parallel universe

Windy Wilson said...

It isn't clean energy that will help end disease in Africa, but simple cleanliness.

How old fashioned of this spellbinding progressive.
(Dirt has nothing to do with disease), from Kipling's "Our Fathers of Old.