Friday, July 05, 2013

Even if you ignore the "What IRS investigation?" crap from the EffingBI Director,

you find yourself wondering "WHY am I supposed to trust these clowns?"
Another murderer/extortionist/fill in the blanks being protected by the EffingBI while committing these crimes, over decades, because 'He's an important informant!'

And doing things the EffingBI didn't want to dirty its' hands with.
In return for his assistance to the Feds, Scarpa collected in spades, using his influence with the FBI to avoid prosecution on three separate indictments by organized crime strike forces over the years. Not only did he beat a 1974 indictment for stealing $520,000 in securities and conspiring to counterfeit, transport, and sell $4 million in IBM stock, but when Secret Service agents arrested him in 1986 for credit card fraud, on charges that could have led to seven years in prison and a $250,000 fine, the FBI intervened and helped him get his sentence reduced to probation and a $10,000 fine.

A breakdown of how the Zimmerman trial is going, and how it got to this point in the first place.
I've said before: a bunch of the prosecution team needs to worry less about sucking up to RWPP jerks and more about being disbarred for the crap they've done.

One more celebritute opens the mouth, and
Happy Independence Day! Just think, if we hadn’t won that war, today wouldn’t be a holiday AND we’d have health care.

A couple of examples of what Obama's smart diplomacy has gotten us:

The EPA wants the utilities to be able to turn your refrigerator and freezer off; whatever could go wrong?


Keith said...

I just pulled a treasure trove out of an old caravan/trailer

A fridge which runs on AC, 12vDC and propane

and a gas cooker which is jetted for propane - my current one is jetted for natural gs -and it's an art to use it with propane and not get soot everywhere.

off grid life just got a bit comfier

Windy Wilson said...

Your emergency food supply should not depend on your freezer or refrigerator, then.

This is yet another law that violate Joe Huffman's Jews in the Attic Test.