Wednesday, June 12, 2013

But it's all ok, because "Obama!"

What they are trying to say is that disclosure of metadata—the details about phone calls, without the actual voice—isn't a big deal, not something for Americans to get upset about if the government knows. Let's take a closer look at what they are saying:
  • They know you rang a phone sex service at 2:24 am and spoke for 18 minutes. But they don't know what you talked about.
  • They know you called the suicide prevention hotline from the Golden Gate Bridge. But the topic of the call remains a secret.
  • They know you spoke with an HIV testing service, then your doctor, then your health insurance company in the same hour. But they don't know what was discussed.
  • They know you received a call from the local NRA office while it was having a campaign against gun legislation, and then called your senators and congressional representatives immediately after. But the content of those calls remains safe from government intrusion.
  • They know you called a gynecologist, spoke for a half hour, and then called the local Planned Parenthood's number later that day. But nobody knows what you spoke about.
Sorry, your phone records—oops, "so-called metadata"—can reveal a lot more about the content of your calls than the government is implying.

Among the reasons I considered Lautenberg a asshole gun-grabbing politician was his 'domestic violence and we take away your 2nd Amendment rights' crap.  Which led to garbage like this:
A longtime gun owner who recently had his permit revoked over a 1971 Halloween egg fight was the inspiration for an amendment to the state's new gun law.
The letter referred to a misdemeanor charge for the egg fight, for which Gorham paid a $10 fine when he was 19.

They need to stop being nice to Jones and demand answers.  Clear, full answers.  Or tell him to forget it and to leave.
Jones deferred on several questions, citing privacy rules or claiming a lack of knowledge, and Republicans noted more than once that they did not receive the answers they were asking for. Much of the questioning about ATF practices focused on a near-complete lack of prosecutions of felons “lying and trying” to buy guns after Jones brought up the number of prohibited purchases he claims were stopped by the National Instant Check System. Another line of questioning resulting in incomplete responses centered on what repercussions those ATF officials involved in Fast and Furious “gunwalking” have faced, especially in light of some at least temporarily enjoying sweetheart deals. 
For reasons presently left unsaid, the prospect of criminal prosecutions appears to encompass territory that no Republican has so far dared to even mention, let alone lead a serious scouting expedition into. It would seem fair for interested citizens to ask why not, if the GOP leadership is discouraging that, and if so, why.
I don't know if Boehner & Co. are trying to play nice(which would be idiotic) or if they're scared of being called names because Jones is black(also idiotic, if they do kick them in the ass with it).

Al Franken is a miserable little two-faced socialist(not exactly a surprise, is it?).
And speaking of miserable little two-faced politicians,
On Special Report with Bret Baier, a video of Joe Biden from May 12, 2006 was discussed. In this video, Biden told us to not trust a president who spys.

Why would Lerner want to take the 5th?  Crap like this:
"Before Lois Lerner (photo right) took us before the federal judge, her last offer was for me to promise to never run for office again. That was always part of their demands," Salvi said. "Before that last offer, another FEC representative that reported to Lerner wanted $200,000 and a promise not to run."

Knowing his $1.1 million campaign loan to himself was legal, Salvi rejected the initial settlement offer from FEC attorney Colleen Sealander. In later conversations, Sealander lowered the amount to $100,000, then $40,000, but always with the additional promise to never run for office again.

"Every time we talked, I refused the offer, and Colleen said she'd have to check with someone," Salvi said. "I finally told her I'd like to talk to whomever she reported. That's when I got a call from Lois Lerner."

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Windy Wilson said...

Sometimes your collections of links are just too disheartening to make comments about. The business with the Metadata reminds me of an old lawyer joke about criminal defense lawyers.
A criminal defense lawyer was in a bar commiserating with a friend about problems with his wife. He reported that he came home earlier in the evening than he was expected and caught sight of his wife in the living room with a strange man, locked, as they say, in a passionate embrace. He was able to see them enter the bedroom, still embracing and kissing, discarding their clothing as they walked. He told his friend he was not able to see them once they entered the bedroom. His friend replied that, "It must be pretty disturbing to see such proof of your wife's adulery like that."
The Defense lawyer replied that the trouble was, "But there's still that element of doubt!"
There are, I suppose, innocent explanations for every one of your examples, but, to quote Waco from the original Sahara movie, "that's a sucker bet."