Friday, June 14, 2013

Attention Slayton, Texas PD:

Arresting someone for asking to see the warrant YOU DON'T HAVE is not a wise course of action.

Why doesn't the Gang of asshole politicians8 like the Cornyn amendment?  Because they have a soft spot for illegal aliens who drive drunk.
...a good deal of the Democratic opposition to John Cornyn’s proposed amendment to the Gang of 8 bill has nothing to do with border security. It has to do with DUIs. Specifically, Cornyn’s amendment would bar illegal immigrants with misdemeanor DUI convictions from ”probationary” legal status, which is the immediate legalization offered by Marco Rubio, et al, to most of the 11 million undocumented immigrants now living in the U.S.. For the pro-amnesty side, the exclusion of DUI offenders is apparently a deal-killer. There must be a lot of them!

 The EffingBI: "We must listen in on EVERYONE(except the people actually planning terrorism) in order to stop terrorists!"
Surprisingly, Mueller claimed he wasn’t aware that the mosque that the Boston bombing suspects attended, the Islamic Society of Boston, was founded by a convicted supporter of terrorism.

Due to this and other reasons, Gohmert argued not enough was done to prevent the attack as the suspects’ radical Islamic ties were overlooked.

Decide for yourself whether or not that is a man with Alzheimer’s – but never forget this.  Before they hated Sarah Palin, or Dick Cheney, or Donald Rumsfeld, or Condoleeza Rice, or George W Bush, the Left hated Ronald Wilson Reagan.  They hated and feared him – and not least for the way that he destroyed the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in eight short years.  It’s not even that he did it; it’s that he did it so apparently effortlessly.  Reagan made his opponents look like chumps – which they were; I was on the other side during that decade, so I have some familiarity with the type – and he will not be forgiven for that until after his last opponent is dead in his bed of old age.

So the Brit NHS is so wonderful...
The facts are indeed dismal. Two thirds of NHS patients now have to wait 48 hours or more for a GP’s appointment and it is a rarity to find a local surgery open outside ordinary people’s working hours.

As a crisis of cash, bad management — and even the threat of entire hospital closures — engulfs our once-proud state health service, the sick are turning to casualty departments in desperation, and in increasing numbers, finding them over-stretched with waiting times of four hours for one in every 18 patients. 

In a few alarming cases, the particularly vulnerable sick and old have died in ambulances waiting outside in queues.

A further problem for NHS patients is the waiting time to see a hospital specialist, because an appointment has to be authorised through a GP. The result? Some cancer sufferers don’t start treatment for two months after they first visit their doctor with suspected symptoms.


Keith said...

That must have been a good part of the NHS.

at the big doctor's practice near here, it takes 2 weeks to get to see a quack.

Cancer treatment is sixty miles away and takes a whole day to get there on public transport, or get someone else to take the day off work to drive you

the same treatments are available 20 miles away, with good bus service - but that means crossing a line drawn on a map, and that isn't allowed.

In Ireland, If I wanted to see a quack, I paid (about €50)there and then, that meant;
I only went if I needed to
There were minimal ques (ok, those on welfare and those who worked for the state got in free, and they clogged things up a bit)
The receptionist and doctor were pleased to see me and were pleasant to deal with, as they wanted my repeat business.

the present shower of shit in power in Ireland are promising "free" GP visits for all...

yeah, welcome to long waits to get an appointment, queing and long waits when you get there, obnoxious treatment from the deceptionist, and a quack who can't wait to get you shoved out of the door.

The british NHS has never worked - since it was set up in 1947 - it's always been centrally planned statist chaos.

Bustednuckles said...

Looks like those Texas cops failed POLICE 101.
I hope she sues the asses off those motherfuckers.
Not only because they tried to pull the Macho cop routine and falsely arrested her, because of exactly what her lawyer said.
Now her face and arrest record are all over the place.

Yes, they can apologize, while they are signing the settlement check.