Friday, May 10, 2013

Yes, kindly Mother Nature wants to kill you;

and she has lots of ways to try.
And, like it or not, eventually she'll win.

Lightning may actually be caused by cosmic rays; ever notice that what we 'know' just keeps being revised?

A bit of history: the bombing of Dresden happened for reason, and there's been a lot of bullshit told about it.

Hey, Mrs. Clinton, it DOES matter.  For a variety of reasons.

And let's not forget the attacks on free speech that followed the "It was a video!" lie.
And that guy is still in jail.

Life and 'law enforcement' in the People's Republic of MA:
“The local police have been running a racket where they sell guns that under the law they are supposed to be holding in safekeeping, often lying to the owners about the law, claiming that they are confiscated, and then refusing to compensate those who realize they have been wronged because they know the cost of legal action is prohibitive,” Mirsky elaborated. “In effect they have turned ‘safekeeping’ into ‘confiscation’ and have been targeting gun owners using any justification as it is very profitable.

“Because of that, the Quincy police have been targeting gun owners for years, using the chief's ability to suspend a license to carry over just about anything he pleases, as well as the all too easy to get restraining order from an unhappy spouse or girlfriend,” Mirsky continued.
Don't forget, one of the reasons they can pull crap like this is 'may issue', and the local head LEO being able to yank somebody's license for whatever reason he chooses.

And people wonder why we have a problem with 'may issue'...

Like he says, with friends like these...
So it would seem that SAF/CCRKBA is doing their level best to help revive this bill, along with the Democratic leadership in the Senate. We’ve already started to see Jeff Flake go soft, and there’s rumors about Ayotte. I think both of them are hoping this issue goes away. But not, apparently, if Alan Gottlieb has his way.
Do note that, in a later post, we find that Flake says "No I'm not."  A good thing, which doesn't change that Gottlieb & Co. seem determined to screw us.

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