Saturday, April 27, 2013

Yeah, I thought she was an actual doctor, too;

but she's not.
I'm reminded of Big Bang Theory: "Is she a doctor-doctor, or a you kind of doctor?"

'..the media's tarnished brand'  That's a very polite way to say "People think you suck and don't trust you."

Principal Brandi Hucko, of Garden Gate Elementary, you are a fucking idiot.  And a PC-at-any-cost jackass.  We're sitting here reading this crap and wondering just how many kids lives you've screwed up in your career?
A fifth-grader in Cupertino, California was suspended and threatened with expulsion for bringing a small Swiss Army knife on a school-sponsored, science-oriented camping trip.
Go read it; excerpts just cannot do justice.

Speaking of PC/feminist idiocy,
In an open letter to UC President Susan Herbst, self-described feminist student Carolyn Luby wrote that the redesigned team logo will intimidate women and empower rape culture.
And just what is this horrible symbol?
Yep.  A dog.
Herbst, you need help.

KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN — Pentagon sources were proud to announce the success of a new, yearly event which allowed Fobbits — service-members who spend their entire tour on Forward Operating Base — the opportunity to venture out into Afghanistan alongside combat units.

“I was super excited when I first found out,” said Specialist Jimmy McNulty, a finance soldier. “I’d spent months in my guard tower wondering what was out there. I couldn’t wait to finally ‘get some’. You know, when I got home and told a girl in a bar about the one time I left the wire.”


Windy Wilson said...
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Titan Mk6B said...

When I was in school the worst thing you could bring was gum. Knives, tools and those kind of things weren't even on the list. Hell, we all had pocket knives.

Schools these days are miles past stupid.

I just remembered that we were not allowed to wear sandals without socks. The Dean of Boys told me once that some of the boys at school had ugly feet and he did not want to look at them.