Saturday, April 27, 2013

You think they'd do such a training video with muslim extremists? Why,

what kind of racist bigot are you?  Especially since DHS sees people like us as the real threat...
The YouTube channel Patriot News Organization on Thursday uploaded a training video from the Department of Homeland Security that depicts a fake news broadcast about a police SWAT team raiding an American house and arresting "extremist" members of a “local militia group” for possession of illegal firearms and planning to commit terrorist attacks.


Luton Ian said...

Same reason as the Kiwis will lock a man up for watching cartoon animations of mythical beasties bonking


wouldn't dare lock some one up for posessing a (alleged) true life story of a 58 year old man marrying a six year old child, raping her when she was nine
(but wait, there's more...)
and citing that man his life and his actions as the ultimate ideal to be emulated.

Orwellian double-think?

and I bet both the Kiwi's authoritarian prudes and your dhs despise me for articulating it.

Firehand said...

Probably; but you're in good company: