Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The guy who Obama wants to take Chu's place

says we need to pay a LOT more for energy.
Anybody surprised?  And what would that do to your budget?  Assuming you still have one after this destroys the economy.

Ok, let's vote: incompetence, or deliberate treason?
NASA employs 118 Chinese nationals in "remotely-based" information technology jobs that may enable them to penetrate the space agency's national security database servers, The Washington Examiner has learned.

But NASA administrator Charles Bolden said nothing about these individuals during his testimony last week before a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing on cyber espionage threats against the space agency

A roadblock for the gun bigots in Maryland, and some thoughts on that situation, including
It’s much more likely that you will be called upon in darker circumstances, and it is these conditions you must consider.  I have asked my own son what he would do if ordered to bear arms against American citizens, and the answer is not only no, but “No, and I will prevent others from doing so.  Not a single one of my old unit would do such a thing.”

Well, we already knew Sharpton is a dirtbag, and MSNBC is- well, you know.  So finding out they're this kind of hypocrite isn't surprising.

So I guess Piers Morgan hates guns and gun owners unless they're violent, drug-using rappers.  Then he'll kiss their ass.

Something not really talked about before that I'd heard: do these clowns REALLY want FBI files opened up to everybody for background checks?

And, sure enough, it's not HIS fault!
“My grandson is a victim,” she added. “He could’ve been dead. The baby is a victim. The mother is a victim. My grandson is a victim. He’s a victim.”

Bloomberg, the only reason you're NOT banning those drinks is because a judge slapped you down.  You've shown exactly what kind of control freak you are; piss off.

Well, well, well, it appears that the family lawyer for the Martins is in trouble.  As in perjury-level trouble.  Along with the prosecution's case falling apart.

Personal opinion, the court really needs to dig ALL the way into this and go after everyone who lied, hid evidence and so forth.

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