Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Central Oklahoma Gunblogger Schutenfest report

From Friday evening and Saturday only, as I didn't make it out today.

Friday evening: people gathering, talking, imbibing in some quite good booze and the chicken and brisket Jennifer and Evyl had smoked for the occasion.

The weather weenies having done their usual this-time-of-year job of changing the forecast about every four hours for the last five days, actual "What's it like?" knowledge came with chilly wind and light mist.  Wonderful shooting conditions if you're after a duck, otherwise...

On the other hand, good company helps compensate for that.  We have here COGS Central
 We had our own ninja-suiter; considering the amount of stuff in the vest,
 good thing he didn't step in a soft spot.  On the other hand, the balaclava was probably warm.

Teenbot caught in the act.  Of what, I'm not quite sure.
Jennifer either describing something or playing charades
 Evyl bringing some of the 'We who are about to die' out for service
and that's all the pictures I took.  I'm sure J and E will have more up later.

Started off on pistol; some falling plates, some jugs, some paper targets and other things that jump when hit.  First time I'd shot plates, that's a fine way to spend some time.  And I find that, with a couple of exceptions, in some ways I still shoot better with a revolver than with a semi-auto.  Had an idea I discussed with Evyl for the plates, we'll see if that works out.

There was a pigeon thrower, and some of us got a little wingshooting in.  Remember what I posted yesterday?  Yes, I suck at this.

After assaulting some of the leftovers from Friday night this circus moved to the rifle range.  Which, due to the visibility situation, was limited to 200 yards.  We have everything from AR variants to Mosin variants, some .22s, a 1903 Springfield and some Enfields.  Lots of noise was made, and some hard drives in need of erasing became unreadable.

That's a fairly short version; a fine time was had.  Including the little girl in the first picture, who got to fire her first shots that day(yes, any nannies snooping around, under the very close supervision of her parents; you do know what 'parents' are, don't you?). 

Why am I not there today?  Because between the temp, moist and lots of back & forth on broken ground, my knees advised me this morning that if I went back out they were going to leave home.
Of course, by the time I was up and moving around a bit, several other joints joined the chorus, so I'm here instead of shooting.

One of the observations yesterday: "Few months ago, you dropped a couple of .22s you'd just move on; yesterday he dropped three and they fell under the porch, and he spent fifteen minutes with a rake finding them."

It were fun.  Lots of.  Looking forward to more stuff later.

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