Saturday, January 26, 2013

So the Dept. of Homeland Security says of the M16/AR15 family

suitable for personal defense use in close quarters…”

Somebody tell that idiot Biden.*

 *Yes, WE knew this; nice to have a .gov agency officially recognize it


markm said...

That link is not a link at all. Googling for this first led into a vast echo chamber of gun-bloggers quoting each other, but not actually linking the DHS solicitation HSCEMS-12-R-00011.Here is one of the better discussions:

And here is the specification section of the actual solicitation:

I don't know how long this will stay up, so you might want to save it. See Section 3.1 for the actual quote: "DHS and its components have a requirement for a 5.56x45mm NATO, select-fire firearm suitable for personal defense use in close quarters".

John R said...

Thanks for the link to the file markm.

Sigivald said...

YEah, it's a PDW-as-term-of-art.

I recalled looking at the spec in the request, and an M4 won't meet it - too long.

A max length of 20", folded/retracted? M4's a lot longer than that.

It'll have to be a bullpup or an AK pattern or something, or piston AR with a side-folder.

(Normally I think of PDWs as being in a smaller caliber anyway, like the P90.)