Thursday, January 24, 2013

So Clinton brings out outrage and tears

to try to deflect the questions.  And to try to pretend she's answering.  And when that 'What does it mattar?' crap was thrown out in public with great scorn, various defenders whined and screamed about the horror of using Clinton's own words against her.
All we need now is some eunuch screaming and crying "Leave Hillary ALOOONE!" to finish this off.

Now THAT is an interesting way to make a point.

Ever read The General series?  "The Governor is suspicious of successful generals."  This administration seems to be taking that as a lesson.

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Grayson said...

I read the General series, back in the early 90's, and I still dig out all 5 copies and re-read them every couple of years or so. Excellent books, particularly with regard to military/sociopolitical strategy, and lessons in logistics, too.
I don't believe that Obama wants any competent general officers on his staff - only ignorantly loyal and obedient ones.
Such is the attitude of any would-be dictator.
Stay safe, Firehand.