Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A: And it only took two freakin' years for TSA

to release the information; note that if the asshole with a federal ID had done this anywhere else, the girl would've been justified in kicking his (supposed) balls into his abdominal cavity, and then having him arrested. 

He still should be.  And fired.  And TSA gotten rid of.  Especially since they not only do this crap, but defend it.

Second, TSA really doesn't like the idea of there being video they don't control of this crap*.
Let's note that TSA has no problem lying about this being illegal, and taking people's property and wiping video illegally and against their own rules.  For which TSA clowns should also be fired, and prosecuted.  Or, just get rid of this bunch of parasites and end that particular problem.

*yes, it's Infowars; still, has all the links and so forth.

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Anonymous said...

The link's squirrely - it points to the same Ace of Spades page as the blog post on Leahy.