Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hope you're having a good Thanksgiving

I am.  With one small diversion from that to post on just why I really don't care if a black hole opens beneath the city and sucks Chicago in: all these clowns KNEW what a corrupt, vile dirtbag Jesse Jackson Jr.* is, and voted him in anyway.  Just in time for this:
 Jackson had planned on a press conference to announce his resignation but was not able to bring himself to speak about it because of his illness, the source said.
The announcement comes after mounting pressure faced by Jackson as federal investigators appeared to widen their ongoing investigation into the congressman’s activities.

 Considering Obama's connections to the place, and Holder being AG, I tend to think Jr. must've become enough of an embarrassment or threat that they want him gone; either that, or some feds with some actual ethics and testicles decided to go after the crook, and could make it nasty enough to keep the interference down.

Either way, one thing I'm very thankful for: I'm not living in that wretched hive of scum and villainy.

*Yes, I know, his father's just as bad if not worse.  But he's not looking at jail time. 
Right now, at least.

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