Friday, July 20, 2012

Some first-aid gear on sale

over here, here, here, here. Looks like some other stuff, too.

The Stupid Party strikes again; more and more I'm leaning toward a third party, because neither of the two currently in the running are worth a crap.
“Through the lack of aggressive leadership by the Republicans, two things are happening,” this correspondent observed. “People who want to come forward with information, information that I have and can now not share, are backing off because they’re scared that they’re going to be left out to hang.”

“That’s frightening,” Walters remarked. “Frightening. Free society? Free? These people are petrified of their own government and won’t open their mouths.”
Indeed. And these are but two instances with which Gun Rights Examiner has had direct recent experience. That similar reluctance to get involved is probably more widespread seems a reasonable assumption, and it’s fair to ask what more the public isn’t learning-- and may never know--because those who do see no personal “up” side in coming forward and plenty of sobering reasons not to.

Southern California Edison: You suck. Cowardly, suck-up-to-politicians bastards.

I think I mentioned this before: why Make A Wish can kiss my ass.

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