Thursday, July 19, 2012

Went to Dealer Days this morning,

and tried out three guns*. First was the Sig P390:
Think of their little .380; now stretch it just enough to handle 9x19mm. A fraction under 6" long, 4" high and just over 1" thick; weight without magazine, 1lb the Sig site says. Can't tell that much from five rounds**, but it shot nicely, right to point of aim at 5 yards; and it was quite controllable, the recoil of 9mm ball was no problem.

Next, the new Ruger 22/45 Lite:
Take the 22/45 with a polymer frame, and make the barrel & receiver of aluminum with a stainless insert for the barrel, and the muzzle threaded in case you want to get a suppressor for it. Weighs a grand total of 22.8 oz. And yes, those are grip screws you see, you can change them out; the rep said standard 1911 grips will fit. Shot quite well(you get ten rounds of .22).

Third was this lovely:
S&W 1911SC; scandium-frame 1911 with a bobtail. A: I want one. B: at the price listed, not going to happen for the foreseeable future. That bobbed grip fit my hands beautifully, and the weight was about the same as my Officer's Model.

They had reps from Benelli, Springfield, S&W, Taurus, Beretta, Blade Tech, Trijicon, and several others, all with stuff out for you to drool over. I also found the ACOG I want; however, it costs more than the S&W above, which is also more than the value of any firearm I own. So that's not happening either.

*Trying out everything I would like to would cost about another, oh, way too much.
**Anyone wants to supply one of these various arms for a more extended test, I would be most happy to accommodate their desire(hint hint)

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David said...

That Sig P390 is sweet. Been drooling over that and I've not even gotten to touch one yet.