Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some questions:

I've heard for years that the grip safety on a 1911 is a problem. They even put that damn bump on them now to 'save' us from the problem. Do you know anyone who actually wasn't able to fire a shot when need be because of it not disengaging?

If I were going to put together a AR15 right now, I'd want it in 7.62x39. Anybody have any personal experience with this combo? Uppers that do/do not work with steel-case ammo?

Why do some people think that having a table at a gun show automatically makes ammo worth at least 25% more than it costs at the Wally World where they bought it?

Anybody have experience with the Ruger Ranch Rifle in 7.62x39? I've heard it works well with all ammo, and the current version ironed out the problems in the previous.

Speaking of Ruger, I saw one of their new .357 Mag bolt rifles today; short, light, handy... WHY do I want the damn thing?

Well, I don't think he's even worth FIVE camels, do you?


GuardDuck said...


I've heard, from seemingly knowledgeable persons, that an AR type extractor is not designed to work with steel cased ammo and is prone to breakage. I don't know.

Tam has had some posts explaining the gun show business model. I don't like it either but can understand the reasons.

Had a Mini-30 back in the early 90's. Fun little rifle but was not happy with the accuracy.

Because is GUN.

They can have him for free, they just have to pay for the license and spay fees.

Jeffersonian said...

I replaced the trigger in my Philippine 1911, and in doing so the grip safety became disabled. The grip safety is supposed to contact the "stirrup" at the back of the 1911's trigger, blocking its movement. The replacement trigger was a few hundredths off and no longer made contact. When shopping for the trigger, I noticed some competition models had a deliberate cutout in that part of the stirrup to avoid contact with the grip safety.

Anonymous said...

RE: Grip safeties. I've disabled the grip safeties on all my 1911s, which, admittedly, get used only for IPSC.

RE: 7.62X39 AR. I don't think you'll be happy with it. Accuracy won't be there because the cartridge is not inherently as accurate as 5.56X45. If you want a .30 caliber AR, I'd suggest 300 Blackout. Ammo for it will be more expensive and not as plentiful, but it's a much better cartridge. That said, I do have a 7.62X39 barrel, bolt, bolt carrier and mags for my AR; swap-out is about 15 minutes. The only reason I have them is to provide flexibility should "some conditions exist" that make 5.56 unavailable.
RE: AR extractors - you do carry spare extractors, extractor pins and springs, don't you? (while I have spare, I cheated - I have a spare bolt in the kit).