Tuesday, June 12, 2012

25 years ago

I've run across some people who still actually hate Reagan, and I think it's in large part because he played such a huge part in the Soviet Empire collapsing. Had my problems with him, but for this alone he deserves huge respect and gratitude.


Gerry N. said...

Before I retired in '94 at the age of 60 (healht and disability) I paid out of pocket for retraining as a CNC Machinist. Two of the men in my class were recent Russian immigrants whose church was lending them the money for the same classes I was taking. They both had been on the design team that had designed the Chernobyl Resctor/Electric Generation system. They said the design was good, but most of the funding for maingainance and operator training was siphoned off by highly placed Communist Party Appartchiks to provide them with drop dead gorgeous mistresses, limousines, 1st class air travel, the best liquor and foods, dachas (Vacation Cabins) and fine mansions to live in. I'm still in touch and they're both scared of what OUR .gov is doing, they say it looks very similar to the Soviet .gov just before the collapse. The reason they're scared is because there's nowhere else to go, besides in the ground.

Is it yet time to begin watering the Tree of Liberty? Or has the tipping point been passed?

Kevin said...

"...for this alone he deserves huge respect and gratitude."


Windy Wilson said...

I'm old enough to remember how this great speech by this great and courageous man was covered by the American communist press. It was not any less hysterical than when he did the "Communism is outlawed" microphone check.
We were fortunate to have the confluence of Reagan, Thatcher, and Gorbachev, a Soviet leader who believed in the propaganda so he tried to be a nice guy and benevolent, so he instituted reforms that carried Communism to the ash-heap of history (or it would if the American Democrat party actually thought about what they believed in and how it worked out in real life.

Luton Ian said...

I'm going to politely disagree with you, not about Reagan, but about communism being dead.

The fall of the hell hole that was the Soviet Union - how could the biggest and most resource rich country on the planet have such an impoverished population?

As former soviet economics adviser (who defected in '89) Yuri Maltsev says;

"It was too big not to fail"

The fall of the USSR did not make the commie cells around the world loose their links, forget their training, burn their manuals or loose their hunger for power, and hunger to abuse that power.

There are a couple of youtube videos a lecture by and an interview with Yuri Bezemov, a former KGB propagandist.

The ground he covers is elaborated on in Kozak's book "and not a shot is fired" it's only about 50 pages.

I recommend all 3, as a key to understanding just what your present commie in chief is up to.

Luton Ian said...

Yuri Bezmenov

My bad