Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, Army

237 years ago today.

Son and a bunch of other troops are using equipment the folks at the beginning did not even have a base from which to dream of, and- in some cases- sitting in places where the local culture makes the USA in 1783(end of the war with Britain) look like a highly-advanced society.

Hell, in comparison America in 1783 WAS a highly-advanced society.

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Anonymous said...

"...sitting in places where the local culture makes the USA in 1783....look like a highly-advanced society."
Ha, I like that statement right there! You see pics of some of those hellholes and you have to wonder when somebody is going to clean up the debris. EVERY village or collection of buildings is falling down or has a hole in a wall. (and the hole is NOT from bombs or shells) The paths between the buildings are strewn with debris...its like nobody has any ambition to keep things cleaned up. Just looking at the pics make me think the ambition level is zip. Must be a whole bunch of depression running rampant through those folks. They can't even get motivated enough to dig proper latrines.