Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Which way is the wind blowing,

and where? Neat link. Click to zoom into an area.

"You people who don't want the government telling you what to eat and how much, you're stupid!"

Says the IRS "Oh no, we NEVER allow politics to be involved in our decisions..."
What's a proper bureaucratese for 'bullshit'?

NBC still trying desperately to make their "We don't have credibility" moment go away; this has an illustration of what it would take for their 'accidental' moment to happen.
More here.
AP has some crap going on, too.
And let's not forget CNN

In case you missed it, our "There is no voter fraud problem" AG almost had someone else vote on his ballot.

Ah, this just makes the TSA look better and better:
"Jonathan Corbett, creator of the video showing that TSA's body scanners can't see metal objects on our sides, has a new video out. This time he's interviewing an experienced TSA screener identified only as 'Jennifer,' and her allegations point to 'fatal flaws' in TSA and its procedures. Worse, TSA's screeners are well aware of these flaws. According to Jennifer, body scanners frequently fail to detect objects on passengers, and this flaw is well known to the screeners on the job. People with visible items in their pockets can pass through scanners without detection, even when the items are simulated weapons or explosives. Jennifer also alleges that training for screeners is severely lacking. Screeners are directed to operate body scanners, even the X-ray scanners, without any training whatsoever. The manual of standard operating procedures often can't be found at the checkpoints, let alone read. Jennifer was so alarmed by what she experienced that she wrote her congressional representative to complain. She was ultimately fired as a result, effective yesterday."
Which makes the chances of the We See You Naked scanners being improperly maintained and calibrated even higher, I'd think.

Add to that that DHS will steal your money, makes traveling even more fun, doesn't it?

Totally unrelated to news, daughter found this critter
either dumped or lost a couple of days ago; doctored and fed him up, and(if you're in the OKC area) is trying to find a home for him. Says he's been very friendly with both people and her dog & cats.

One last thing for now: while Calderon is whining that the US needs more gun laws,
Calderon’s government dramatically increased their buying of military weapons after Obama’s election, which is stunning, considering at least a quarter of those weapons are diverted to drug cartels. Calderon also goes out of his way to avoid the pachyderm grazing behind them; Operation Fast and Furious and other alleged gun-walking plots orchestrated by the Obama Administration that sent thousands of firearms over the Mexican border to arm the Sinaloa drug cartel.
But it's all the fault of gun owners in the US...

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Mattexian said...

Cute Pup!

If I had a say in the matter, I'd do like that city outside of Atlanta that REQUIRED every household to have a gun for defense of home and country. That would be the only gun law I'd add to the pile, and it would overturn all the others.