Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You will be pleased to know that Sheriff Joe Biden(D-Moronia)

has your back:
Biden made the remarks at the Georgetown home of Senator John Kerry, where some 87 guests paid a minimum of $10,000 per couple to dine on char-grilled grass-fed New York strip steaks and white truffle mashed potatoes beneath a tent basked in soft pink lighting. Biden told attendees that he is confident about Obama's reelection because Republicans are being open about their intent to cut programs important to a large swatch of the electorate -- the middle class.

“These guys don’t have a sense of the average folks out there,” he said. “They don’t know what it means to be middle class.”

Seems one of the things I missed while disconnected from the 'net was that video of Obama's college days involving a black racist pushing a 'evil white people' line that Obama approved of; hilarity ensued, with various journalists and other clowns screaming "That doesn't mean anything!". And one of them in particular doesn't like blowback from being a 'cover for Obama' jerk.

Admitted terrorist(connected to at least one murder he doesn't want to own) and Friend of Obama Bill Ayers accuses someone else of 'calling for violence'.

That's it for now: it's been two weeks and I'm in withdrawal, I'm heading to the range to enlarge my carbon footprint.

By the way, WindyGerry, if you read this: on that Paco .22 tool, do you just whack it with a mallet or drop a weight on it, or what?


Gerry N. said...

I'm not Windy, but I got myself a really nice 12oz. mallet with replaceable faces to whack mine with. Works a treat, it does. As my Brit friends say. I whack it with the yellow plastic face, it seems to be deader than the zinc one and doesn't bounce as much. .22 shells made into Nasti-Noses really expand in flesh, as several terminally dead 'possums and squirrels around here can attest. I shot 'em with my el-cheapo Western Sheriff .22 SA made by Rohm. The thing is mostly pot metal and stampings with a steel cylinder and BBL liner and actually shoots the Nasti-Nose LR's very well. I can kill soda crackers and NECCO wafers with regularity and ease out to about 30 yards or so. Not bad for a $40 handgun.

Paco Kelley should be Sainted for inventing and marketing the Nasti-Nose tools.

Gerry N.

Windy Wilson said...

Well, I am Windy, and I don't recall talking about any Paco .22 tool; I'm kind of nervous hitting rimfire bullets anywhere, particularly if the base is against a hard surface.

I see you really meant Gerry.
For a while there I thought I had CRAFT disease -- Can't Remember A Freakin' Thing.

Firehand said...

Well, if I could remember who'd said what a while back we wouldn't be in this situation

alizbeath said...

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