Thursday, March 15, 2012

Among other things,

changed the clutch and brake fluid in the bike today. Fairly straightforward process(especially if you change a couple of things from the 'official' method) but I still get hinky working on the 'make it stop' stuff.

And nitrile gloves are one of the greatest things around: until one tore getting at one of the effing bleed valves on the rear caliper they kept all the grease and fluid off my hands. And only got a little bit then.

On a less-successful action, the bloody tiller doesn't want to run. I think one of the fuel lines is leaking and sucking air in, so if the knee I ran into something this afternoon will let me walk tomorrow I'll pick up a set of new ones and see if that does it.

One of the things brought back from Tacoma is sons' carry piece, on which he installed a set of these XS Big Dot sights. Took it to the range a couple of days ago and tried them out; I like them. Very fast and show up very well in dim light, and glow in the dark. I may have to check these out in the future for my piece.

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