Thursday, March 29, 2012

Let us never forget the crap that came out of Pelosi's(NSD-CA) mouth

when asked "What's in the Obamacare bill?"

Somebody I know, when it became obvious that Obamacare is in trouble, said "No problem, we'll just expand Medicare to cover everyone, that's constitutional!" No consideration at all for "SHOULD this be done?", or "Does everyone else want this?"; oh no, the progressives have decided we don't have actual, proper health care unless the clowns like Pelosi and Rangel are in control of it..l.

A very nice response to the 'sex traitor', 'race traitor', 'whateverthefuck traitor' bullshit progressives and open communists like to throw at people. Including
The essential failure of making individuals go through groups with which they share a characteristic, is that ultimately groups are too amorphous for the representative to represent anything but himself. The last irreducible group is one. Which is why our system establishes rights of the individual and equality under the law. ANYTHING else, no matter how “progressive” it sounds is a shambling step back into the mists of tribalism and irrational group think.

ABC lies, flatly and openly; anybody really surprised?
It should also be noted that Benjamin Crump, the Martin family lawyer, either went along with the lie or didn't bother to find out if the ABC report, ah, 'missed' anything let's say, before opening his mouth.

Let's also note this piece of crap from ABC:
ABC News outed the 13 year-old minor who witnessed the Trayvon Martin killing. The minor said that Martin was on top of Zimmerman before the shooting.
So: do we class this as 'reporting while incredibly stupid', or 'trying to get this witness killed'?

Another set of Officer Harless types, this time at Coral Springs PD:
The audiotape depicts a starkly different scene from what officers Nicole Stasnek and Derek Fernandes declared in their official reports and told the Linkcourt under oath.

Here's how The Herald describes the two versions:

The recording catches Stasnek cursing out Mait (although the officer later denied it), giving no advance warning that Mait was about to be cuffed for resisting arrest (although the officer testified that she had done so three times), and later hashing out a plan with her fellow officer to make sure their stories jibed (they did).

Later in the recording, while Mait is heard sobbing in the background, the officers are recorded discussing what had happened:

Fernandes: "I didn't hear anything you said. I was in the back of the car."

Stasnek: "I did drop the F-bomb."

Fernandes, laughing: "I didn't hear that. In my [internal affairs] statement, I didn't hear that. ... Don't worry, I will put everything that I witness before on everything she said."
Fire them. And prosecute them for lying on sworn documents.

Unless they stop dicking around and start actually filing charges on people who lied under oath and refused to obey subpoenas, 'urging the White house to make this guy available' is going to accomplish squat. Except giving the White House & Co. more time to hide things.

That's about all the news I can take for today.

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