Monday, March 26, 2012

I sound like I've been gargling gravel;

not a good way to start things.

So, the NYEffingTimes was lying about things a long time ago, to get the story they wanted as opposed to the real one.(found over at Ace)

Anyone else get the feeling that he means "If I win, I'll do whatever I want; and if I lose, I'll do whatever I want until they throw me out in January."?

Interesting to have a AG who thinks a subpoena is something to be obeyed only if you feel like it.
Therefore, Weich is denying Issa‘s and Grassley’s subpoena because of the “sensitivity” of the ongoing operation.

Issa spokeswoman Becca Watkins responded Friday night, saying, “It is troubling that the attorney general continues to express the outlandish view that his compliance with lawful and binding subpoenas is merely optional.”
Of course, we also have a Treasury Secretary who cheated on his taxes and got a special deal from the IRS, and a Rep. who was writing the tax laws he cheated on and then his defenders claimed 'those laws were too complicated for him to understand', and...

Haven't said anything about the shooting in Florida; reason being that information is still coming out. I will say that if this Justice Department had any integrity at all, they'd be investigating the NBP clowns calling for kidnapping and murder. Of course, this JD doesn't give a rats ass about voter intimidation if blacks are doing it, so they're not going to do anything about this. Or other death threats.

Bleah. I need a large glass of tea. More later, assuming I feel like it.

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