Sunday, March 25, 2012

Heard of this, first time I've seen this map

Oh, I want to go


Carteach said...

Here be an old man who misses his Wing, and would love to join you on that ride.

Anonymous said...

Exercise caution when you do; tales abound about semis on the Tail consuming both lanes - and then some - in many of the corners. Not uncommon an event to have multiple wreckers respond to unstick a semi and 53 ft trailer that didn't have enough pivot joints in it to make a bend. Seems semi drivers rely on GPS for directions and GPS doesn't say anything about corner radii on the Dragon.

Been years since I've been there, don't know if NC Hwy Dept finally got smart and banned everything above 25K lbs.

But, on a good day with no trucks, and reasonably sane bike riders, it can be a blast. You will see an abundance of fairing pieces on the shoulders, though....