Thursday, December 29, 2011

You know who Ron Paul reminds me of?

Calypso Louie. That's if you'd never heard them speak before. Because they start off with things that make you think "I like that... sounds good... this guy's not bad!"

And then they hit the next level. And you're sitting there thinking "What happened to the guy I was listening to a minute ago? The one who was sane?"


Luton Ian said...

What's insane about Ron Paul?

Other than his willingness to try for the The Ring of Sauron?

Gerry N. said...

Leave off picking on Congerssman Paul, it's tough living under the seats in a two-holer. That's where he must've come from, being all crazier than a shitnouse rat and all.

og said...

You just don't understand.

Mostly because you don't have your lips glued to a bong,

Glenn B said...

Oh, like Soupy Sales! Yep, you could have thought him normal at first words, then in a half a minute or so you would realize he was off his rocker.

Happy New year,
Glenn B