Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Vanderboegh has pointed to Lanny Breuer's involvement

in Gunwalker being more important that might have been thought; now we have this:
Another new tidbit of information about Fast and Furious, via CBS reporter Sharyl Atkisson. Apparently, Lanny Breuer, head of the criminal division of the DOJ, definitely knew that the ATF had employed the gunwalking strategy during “Operation Wide Receiver,” a program started under the Bush administration. Why does that matter? Atkisson explains:

Today, Breuer issued a statement saying he “regrets” that he didn’t alert others in Justice Department leadership, apparently including his boss Attorney General Eric Holder.

In a separate ATF case reported by CBS News earlier this year, called “Fast and Furious” and started under the Obama Administration, Breuer says he likewise regrets not alerting leaders about the similarities in the cases. That, said Breuer, was a mistake.

Republican Congressional investigators say this new information contradicts the Justice Department’s original letter to them earlier this year insisting that gunwalking allegations were “false.”

You know, if the Stupid Party leadership actually had the balls to start charging people with perjury as they should be, it would be a very interesting list. And would probably bring out some more very interesting information, as some of these people- finding out they're about to be charged with the felonies they've committed- would probably find themselves remembering things that somehow slipped their mind in earlier testimony.

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