Monday, October 31, 2011

Remember Vanderderboeghs' Holder cartoon?

Remember the upset with JPFO being blamed for it? It gets even better, Media Matters has their collective knickers in a twist about it.

Also, from Sipsey Street, looks like the Democrats are going to try some preemptive tactics to limit damage:
By way of David Codrea, Sharyl Attkisson has just tweeted that the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing featuring Eric Holder on NOVEMBER 8th, next week. This will pre-empt the more un friendly house hearing scheduled for December 8.

These things don't happen by accident, so obviously the White House sees advantage in having Patrick Leahy arrange this.

Also, a little Waldo just told me that there will be a document dump from DOJ this afternoon, beginning with "friendly" journalists. Film at eleven, boys and girls. Film at eleven.
Leahy is a miserable bastard who'll do anything to try to limit damage to his party; no telling what kind of crap he and the other minions will come out with.

Unrelated to Gunwalker is another mess that Sipsey Street writes about; this could get real interesting because
The indictment was filed on 27 July 2010.

Yet the pre-trial wrangling continues.

Why has it taken so long? Because ATF employees and one very highly placed ATF snitch, named John Brown, are smack in the middle of it and it took that long to try to salvage the case while not revealing the ATF's dirty linen. Now, however, the case is coming apart and the dirty linen, for those who have access to the public source documents on PACER, is visible for all to see.

Generically, the Clark case is about the extent to which:

(1) a registered machine gun can be altered by changing its caliber, barrel length and other features, and

(2) ATF and particularly its Firearms Technology Branch can arbitrarily create regulations that have no basis in law, and which hapless defendants find out about only after they get indicted for violating rules that ATF created out of whole cloth and never publicized.
That bolded part all by itself could really blow things up: there are people sitting in prison, or who've had their lives ruined(or both) by ATF doing exactly that, and if ATF gets its collective ass handed to it in this case it opens up a lot of other cases to review.


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