Monday, July 25, 2011

In a wonderful bit of good timing, my Gunwalker shirt

was found in the mailbox when I got back from the range. Along with Midway and Sportsman's Guide catalogs.
Do you want one? You can have one!
I had so much fun with this shirt that I'd like to do it again.I have had several people email me asking to purchase shirts after I had closed the ordering. Unfortunately, I had a hard deadline to meet with the first order. I wanted to have them in your hands before I went on vacation. This second batch of shirts will have an order period of more than 2 weeks. I will open the ordering process in the next two days. My thought was that I should wait until you all received your shirts before I started taking more money. Unfortunately I have also had to raise my prices by one dollar per shirt, but I have also convinced PayPal to allow me to customize the shipping costs. Here is the link to the new Gunwalker T-Shirt ordering page.
As a special bonus, anyone who buys 12 shirts at one time will receive free shipping. PayPal is set up to recognize orders of 12 or more and set the shipping price to zero. If you can get 12 people together who want a shirt, you'll all save money. Shipping 12 shirts together is much easier and cheaper for me, so I'll pass the savings on to you. This also means that if you have a table at a gun show, you can order 12 or more shirts and sell them at a profit. If you want to order 24 shirts or more, please email me first so I can work out some special pricing for you. The bigger the order, the better the pricing.

Please note: David Codrea actually had a few inquiries from ATF agents!
Now, that just makes me giggle


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Thanks Firehand! You make that shirt look great!

Firehand said...

You're either flattering, or your vision is worse than mine

Roger said...

Mine arrived in the mail today!