Saturday, July 30, 2011

A bit of the early history of John Browning

at TTAG.

Some of the various screaming/insulting/hatred directed at Palin and Bachmann- and pretty much any other woman who won't follow the Evil Party/'feminist' line reminded me of something from The Truth:
No one said: Character assassination. What a wonderful idea. Ordinary assassination only works once, but this one works every day.

Yes, Virginia, the cops should have been more careful about this. And the musicians should damn well have known better. Wonder if there'll be any actual legal action like there would be for George down the street if he did something similar?

But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid objected, even though the vote would occur on his own bill. He instead said the chamber would have to run out the full procedural clock, which means a vote in the early hours Sunday morning.

He said he would be willing to move up the vote if Republicans didn't insist on a 60-vote threshold, which has become traditional for big, controversial items to pass the Senate. But the GOP held firm on that demand, so Mr. Reid said he would insist on the full process, which he said would show the country that Republicans were being obstructionist.

"There is now another filibuster. That's what this is. It's a filibuster to stop us from moving forward," he said.
Given: a bunch of the politicians in both parties(who need an introduction to tar & feathers, and in some cases a rope) are far too busy scratching each others backs to care what actually happens to the country. Also given at this point: Reid is one of those who I'm thinking deserves the rope. Or a whipping post, at least. Hey, Reid, the Evil Party had it all: House, Senate and Oval Office for two years; where's the budget you clowns submitted? Oh, that's right, you didn't.

Ok, people, so if you don't want the nasty people cutting down some trees, let the natural fires run their course. Oh, but most of you don't want that, either.

I've had a bunch of people accuse me of 'ignoring the Science!' of AGW; but they really don't like to see things like this:

Related: remember the scientist who warned of masses of polar bears drowning because all the ice was going away, etc.? Slight problems with that: he's been suspended unrelated to Monnett’s scientific work and instead a result of new information on a separate subject recently brought to light, but in the transcript(here) it would seem that at the least his methodology in that study is being looked at, hard.

We're fighting chimps. Deadly, murderous chimps. But chimps.

And, totally unrelated to news, I remembered to print out a target for the current e-postal match and take it last range trip:

S&W K38 Target Masterpiece, 148-grain wadcutters, ten yards. Damn, I love that pistol, sometimes it even lets me shoot well.

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Keith said...

I think the Conservative's un-electability was due more to the number of people who had their homes re-posessed as the cons tried to hang on in the economic and monetary union, by high interest rates.

They ended upo rewarding George Soros, to the tune of around £60 Billion in 1992.

Not believing the BBC or the Guardian on the basis of the Hamilton affair amounts to the logical fallacy of "poisoning the well"

That said, I wake up every morning to either the BBC or RTE, and it is a huge incentive to get out of bed and turn the statist shite off.

The Grauniad (so named from the apalling type setting of its former unionised work force) is the special pleadings of the state sector.

neither would survive in their present forms in an actual free market.