Saturday, June 04, 2011

Oh, this ought to be on video

Sheriff's deputies, movers, and the Nyergers' attorney went to the bank and foreclosed on it. The attorney gave instructions to to remove desks, computers, copiers, filing cabinets and any cash in the teller's drawers.

After about an hour of being locked out of the bank, the bank manager handed the attorney a check for the legal fees.
See, Bank of America filed foreclosure on a house. Problem was, the people didn't owe any money on their house. To anyone, let alone BoA. So they went to court and the judge said "BoA, you owe these people their legal fees." And BoA dicked around for five months and wouldn't pay the fees. So they filed foreclosure on the bank.

I just freakin' love it. Every dirtbag bank out there that's screwed with people who didn't actually owe them money should have the same thing happen to them.


Shane said...

It's great to see BofA finally get a small amount of what they are due. I severed any and all business ties to them many years ago and have never regretted it.

Chad said...

If it was me, I would not have accepted a check from them. I'd demand cash... non-consecutive 10s and 20s.

Kevin said...

Check probably bounced from lack of sufficient funds.