Saturday, June 04, 2011

If I were a Jew I wouldn't be concerned:

I'd be worried as hell. This is the kind of crap going around San Francisco supporting the proposed ban on circumcision:

C'mon, the Nazis couldn't have come up with much worse than this: Armed Jews, halfway zombie-looking rabbi, a head Jew thirsty for blood... I'm surprised they didn't say something about him drinking the blood(maybe that comes later?)

This is nasty shit, it really is.


Keith said...

Of the over 1 billion people in populations who usually practice male circumcision (Moslems, Koreans, Filipinos, orthodox and coptic christians, Americans...), perhaps 10 to 20 million are Jewish, what's that? single figures percent?

Add in the very aryan super hero, and yep, we're into the lefty paradise of certain "social experiments" of the 1930s and 40s.

I think the Dutchman did a post a few months back showing the cartoonist who drew "the eternal jew" propaganda, after his neck problem got sorted for all of eternity.

I'm no fan of circumcision, but I do know what national socialists are, and I'm not going to be associated with them.

Toaster 802 said...

Hat tipped and linked at

Thanks for the heads up.

Despicable does not even start to describe it. However, the further the "progressive" mask slips off, the more people will "get it"...

KurtP said...

Two things about that ....illustration panel.

In a post in my blog, I said scratch a Liberal see an anti-Semite.
And the creator of that Aryan Jew hate is a guy names Mathew Hess...

Windy Wilson said...

Translate that story into German, use 1930's-style cartoons, and no one would doubt that the maniacal Jew was in fact invented by Goebbles himself.
Why is THIS acceptable in polite western society today?

Firehand said...

I have no idea