Monday, May 30, 2011

Point this out to anyone who thinks getting rid of guns

is some kind of cure-all:
The attacker used a kitchen cleaver to kill the school's owner, Wu Hongying, and five boys and two girls on Wednesday morning before returning home and committing suicide, state media said.

The school owner's mother, who was wounded in the attack, later died at a hospital, Xinhua said.

Eleven other children from the attack remain hospitalized, including two with severe injuries, according to Xinhua

What the hell's going on in the PRC?
It was the sixth such attack in China on schoolchildren since March.


Anonymous said...

It's a unintended consequences of the one child law and and that a high number of female foetuses being aborted ( This means that Chinese men are finding it difficult to find mates and behaviour
like this is a result.

Keith said...

I'm not so sure about the little emperors getting hung up on lack of girls.

Girls are alien creatures, not at all interested in computer games...

I'll dig a little deeper on this one with some Chinese friends, see if there's a Mohammed coefficient to these events