Sunday, March 27, 2011

So, is Calypso Louie actually mad at Obama

or is this a convenient distancing? I think it's real; as noted, Farrakhan's been getting money from Qadaffy for years, and the possibility of that cash being cut of probably pisses him off immensely. 'Course, it would take somebody as fricking nuts as Calypso to think Obama is a Jewish tool.

Remember the 'white supremacist racist gun nut' shooter scenario at the Iowa school? Got canceled. Because(of course!)
“During the last 24 hours, the Treynor school system has received threats to their employees and buildings due to the planned 'active shooter' exercise, " Pottawattamie County officials said in a written statement. “After consultation with the Treynor School District and the Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s Office, we have jointly decided to cancel the exercise due to these threats which we must consider viable.”
Ok, exactly what were the threats? Where's the actual investigation? WERE there any actual threats? Or is this a way of continuing the bullshit since they can't play out their scenario? Get this:
Kevin Elwood, superintendent of Treynor Community Schools, told he started receiving complaints from all over the Midwest after the plan went out.

“I’m getting a few emails today saying, ‘Are you crazy? Are you really doing this in school?’” Elwood said Thursday.

Elwood said he was as surprised as anyone to see the scenario in the Exercise Plan.

“It hadn’t been discussed at any previous meetings leading up to this event or any of the planning sessions we’ve had," he said.
Really? Then whose idea was this bullshit, and why was it needed in the first place? Not an expert, so this is a real question: If you're going to train on a active-shooter scenario, why do you need a backstory? Every one of these things I've heard of you've got somebody killing people and you need to get in there fast and deal with the bad guys; only reason you'd need a backstory is if you were going to play hostage-takers as well, and that wasn't mentioned.
In a follow-up memo distributed Wednesday afternoon, Doug Reed, the lead exercise planner for the county’s Emergency Management Agency, said the scenario was only constructed for the purpose of securing Department of Homeland Security Grant funding, which requires the drill simulate a terrorism scenario.

“This scenario and supporting suspect profiles are only in the plan in order to define this FICTITIOUS INCIDENT as a domestic terrorism event and to provide simulated intelligence that responding law enforcement would want and/or eventually request during the event,” Reed wrote. “There will be NO role-playing of racist protests, slander or hate crimes during the actual exercise … the only thing being exercised is the RESPONSE to a shooting, we are not exercising events leading up to the shooting.”

So they had to make up this crap to get money from DHS? 'Simulate intelligence', etc.? Then why didn't the Superintendent know about it?

Why aren't we developing this? Because Obama & Co. want us in the hole, that's why:
...While the US is often depicted as having only a tiny minority of the world’s oil reserves at around 28 billion barrels (based on the somewhat misleading figure of ‘proven reserves’) according to the CRS in reality it has around 163 billion barrels. As Inhofe’s EPW press release comments, “That’s enough oil to maintain America’s current rates of production and replace imports from the Persian Gulf for more than 50 years”. Next up, there’s coal. The CRS report reveals America’s reserves of coal are unsurpassed, accounting for over 28 percent of the world’s coal... that’s a couple of centuries of coal use, at least.

...In 2009 the CRS upped its 2006 estimate of America’s enormous natural gas deposits by 25 percent to around 2,047 trillion cubic feet, a conservative figure given the expanding shale gas revolution. At current rates of use that’s enough for around 100 years... [and] methane hydrates [could] be enough to provide America’s natural gas for more than 400 years.”

You know what? Between Obama playing games in Libya and various liberal/socialist clowns playing games here, I just don't want to do this today. More later if I feel like it; I've got brass to process and other such fun activities.

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Windy Wilson said...

What sort of "threats?"
Given how loose Leftists can be with language, I would bet a large sum of money that the word they really mean is the one the real world uses to mean "complaints."