Sunday, March 27, 2011

Funny description the unions and Democrats have of 'silencing' people

and 'busting unions'.
The Florida House delivered a major blow to public employee unions Friday, approving a bill that would ban automatic dues deduction from a government paycheck and require members to sign off on the use of their dues for political purposes.
And if the members are all happy to be there and have no problem with how the unions spend their dues, how is this a 'major blow' to them?
"It's about silencing the opposition. That's not democratic," said Rep. Richard Steinberg, D-Miami Beach. Etc. ad bullshit.

Sounds more like the unions and Democrats are scared to death of having to actually account to members for the money and what they do with it, and scared to death of having to actually ask the members to pay their dues; because if you actually have to write a check, if you don't like the service you can say "No".

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DJMoore said...

Hmm..."ban automatic dues deduction from a...paycheck...."

I wonder how much of the resistance to this might be due to wanting to limit the spread of the idea to things like income tax withholding.